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How to limit squid bandwidth for YouTube & Co

15. Juni 2009 PDF Version

vi /etc/squid/squid.conf

#Stream & Download Limit

#URL based
acl stream_1 url_regex -i video.google .googlevideo .myvideo .youtube
acl stream_2 urlpath_regex -i .flv$ .swf$ .mp3$ .mpg$ .wmv$ .rm$ .asf$

#Mime-Type based
acl stream_3 req_mime_type -i video/x-flv$ video/flv$ video/x-swf$ video/x-swf$ application/x-fcs$

#Header based
acl stream_4 req_header -i video/x-flv$ application/x-fcs$ video/flv$ video/x-swf$ video/x-swf$

delay_pools 1
delay_class 1 1

#Up-Down limit
delay_parameters 1 99999/99999

delay_access 1 allow stream_1
delay_access 1 allow stream_2
delay_access 1 allow stream_3
delay_access 1 allow stream_4
delay_access 1 deny all

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